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Below you will see the current fishing report posted on: 09/23/2022

General Conditions

Late ice out on April 30 this spring. Water level has been steady for 6 weeks. The Flowage is currently down about 30" below full pool. May had normal temps with June being cooler than usual. Water temps are currently ranging from 65 to 68 degrees. The weeds beds are still thick and on the surface on some of the bars but they have settled below the surface on other bars and those spots are more fishable.

Walleye Report

Walleye are hitting best just out from the outer edges of the shallow weeds beds near the dropoff in 12 to 15 feet of water. Use shad raps, shallow crank baits, leech and slip bobber rigs, beetle spins.

Crappie Report

The shallow Crappie bite was short lived in May. They are now mainly deeper on deeper brush, cribs, or sunken bog pieces in 15 feet of water, or.... on bog edges either near the bottom in 20 feet of water or suspended during the morn and eve, using rubber tube jigs or minnows hooked in the back. At times the crappie may suspend half way down in deeper water so be sure to check that out as well. . Bluegills are hitting great on the cribs and over brush and bog pieces that are submerged in 15 feet of water. Use a small piece of night crawler or wax worm over the top of the brush and bog.

Musky Report

The musky action has been very good overall this season because it was a cooler summer with cooler water temps rarely over 78 degrees. The action has been fairly consistent with the normal ups and downs brought on by the conditions. Water temps are perfect now for some good early fall musky fishing.

Northern/Smallmouth Bass report

Northern are found in the weeds using spinner baits or small spoons. Small mouth Bass action is great on the shallow bars and shores.

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